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I had a sore lower back and Cuong was very knowledgeable about it, and definitely very professional. I would definitely recommend him. Prices are very affordable and he was a very friendly guy. Came out feeling much better.

Since 2017, a client accidentally hit me on my left ear. It effected my hearing. Cuong simple fixed my hearing instantly . Highly recommended
Julius Duku Modi

Had tennis elbow for 3months, and was recommended by a friend to see cuong. I am impressed that he was able to fix the problem.
He also gave me some great rehabilitation tips. Lastly, he was able loosen my tight shoulder which I had suffered for the last 6 years. 10 out of 10 Amazing. Thank you cuong
Lee Quinsee

Had shoulder injuried 20 years ago and was told by specialist to have a surgery. Also treated by many therapists over the years. No improvement and I had to live with my shoulder problem. Seeing cuong for half an hour and my shoulder was able move better than I ever had in the last 20 years. Amazing cuong.
Jennifer Buultjens

For two weeks my shoulder felt stiff, and cuong was able to improve it by 75% in one treat. Very impressed, hightly recommended
Sonia Flores

I suffered from plantar fascist for the last 6 months and also left frozen shoulder. I seeked treatment from acupuncturist and cupping for two months. It did not helped. I found cuong massage on Google review and try it out. After one treatment, I was able to walk with less pain and able to lift my arm above my shoulder. Hightly recommends to anyone suffered from pain.
Mike LL

Highly recommended.

I have 11 years of re-occuring back pain from an old injury and I’ve spent thousands of dollars for those years for therapy in chiropractor, physio, remedial massage. 80% was a waste of time and money but when I visited the healing traveller, it took only One session.

Very informative and passionate about his work. As a bonus he gave me good advice with the correct exercises and stretches for prevention. Very rare to stumble on someone and fix the source of the pain


would highly recommend Cuong, for he has help me over the years for different health issues to name a few bursitis insomnia neck and back pain I’m am truly grateful .Thank you Cuong
Dianne Mason

I had sleep problems for the last 7 years since the birth of my daughter. I never had a straight night sleep and had difficulty with getting back to sleep. I have seen Cuong only for the last 3 weeks with 3 sessions, my conditions have significantly improved. No more restless nights. I am so grateful for his help. I highly recommend
Tru Ly

Been suffering from sciatica for about 10 years. Visited various therapists, and had some success. However, Cuong’s treament was different. I had instant relied from the numbness, but he also was able to give me helpful insight into the cause and prevention of my condition. He really knows his stuff and I can highly recommend him to anybody.
Ray Donn

This Guy is amazing , My friend had been to 3 other specialist who said the condition needed to be operated on . After 2 months of treatment the Osteitis Pubis has been fixed And now pain free.

I have suffered many migraines for years at least 3 a week, since seeing this person I also have been migraine free for 3 months and no longer take medication .

Thank you for all your awesome work I sure will be seeing you again

Jodie Simpson

I have been seeing Coung for many years now , he has helped me for my hands , back and now my legs .. I started having burning sensation in both my legs due to my pregnancy , seeing Coung has helped feel better..
Definitely recommend Coung .
Thank you for helping me all this years 😊

This guy can really fix ya! I had carpel tunnel and back pains due to pregnancy and was significantly better after just one visit. Highly recommended
Sarah Vo

I play multiple sports I have tight glue and shoulder I get the best results with Cuong,
Coung is also looking after few plays from our team
Highly recommend
Saiju p. tom

IHighly recommended!
Dad’s been having lower back pain for osteoarthritis for over ten years because of this he hasn’t been able to sleep for many nights and pain when even going for a short walk as a result he has gained weight. After seeing Cuong his pain was instantly remedied, he is happier and is now able to sleep well at night and has taken up his walking again after many years.
Thank you Cuong!
Arthur Wong

My mother-in-law’s sleep has been disturbed for 7 years, due to having to get up to go to the toilet 2 times each night. She also suffered from feet numbness and lower back pain for 2months. After treatment from Cuong for 5 sessions, she was cured from the above conditions.
William Yue

I got recommendations from 1 of my friend to cuong . I been have lower back pain for months but after treatment from cuong the pain is gone after 3 days .. I highly recommend
Chris Chan

Cuong’s treatment was most helpful with my injury.
I’ll definitely be coming back.
Greg Ulfan





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