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My name is Cuong Huynh I have over 25 years of practical knowledge in human body movement.  Trained in both Eastern & Western body manipulation, I have been treating muscular conditions for the last 16 years, I am also a long term supporter of “World Vision” and “Medecins Sans Frontieres”.  I have a passion for treating muscular injuries for many years.  This passion lead to long duration spent in Thailand learning from the best tradtional healers and teachers.

This passion also mean spending endless hours researching to absorb and understand muscular, nerve and internal organs and ways of effectively treating these issues.  Thus, given me joys to be able to help relieve and at time effectively healing my clients’ pain, nerve, Insomnia, digestive and bowl issues.  Some of my most memorable moments were the time spent travelling through Asia & Europe, and healing people with pain and limited movement in their neck, shoulders, knees and backs.  As a healer, I enjoyed treating and explaining to patients why they are suffering from their aches & pains, and how they can be proactive to overcome some of these conditions.

My interest are in helping people to overcome complex cases of muscular strain, nerve impingement, breathing, Insomnia, digestive & bowl issues.  My clients ranged from all walks of life, people having overuse injuries from work or sport, to yoga practitioners, and both the old and young. 

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